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Looking for MEWP training in Great Harwood? Look no further than us here at MEWP Training! With our wealth of experience and expertise, comprehensive training programs, and competitive pricing, we are your top choice for MEWP training services.

From basic operator training to advanced operator training and manager and supervisor training, we offer a range of courses to suit your needs.

Learn about the benefits of MEWP training, what it entails, and the safety standards involved. Trust us for all your MEWP training needs in Lancashire!

Why Choose Us for MEWP Training?

In terms of MEWP training in Great Harwood, choosing the right provider is crucial for ensuring safety and expertise in operating MEWPs.

At MEWP Training, we pride ourselves on our experience, comprehensive programmes, and competitive pricing.

Our team of dedicated instructors brings years of industry-specific knowledge and hands-on expertise to every course, equipping operators with the skills needed to navigate MEWPs safely and efficiently.

  • Our courses are designed in accordance with the latest IPAF standards, ensuring that operators receive top-notch training that meets all safety regulations and guidelines.
  • We offer flexible training schedules to accommodate a variety of needs, whether you are a beginner looking to gain certification or a seasoned operator seeking advanced skills.
  • At MEWP Training, we understand the importance of affordability without compromising quality, which is why our competitive pricing makes us a top choice in the industry.

Experience and Expertise

At MEWP Training, our experience and expertise across Great Harwood set us apart in the industry. Our instructors are certified professionals with in-depth knowledge of MEWPs, ensuring that operators receive top-notch training.

GTAccess plays a crucial role in the delivery of our training programmes, providing state-of-the-art equipment for practical sessions.

This partnership enables us to simulate real-world scenarios, giving operators hands-on experience in a safe environment.

The practical knowledge imparted to operators goes beyond theory, focusing on effective manoeuvring techniques, safety protocols, and emergency procedures.

Our goal is to equip every participant with the skills and confidence to operate MEWPs efficiently and safely in various work settings.

Comprehensive Training Programs

Our comprehensive training programmes cover all aspects of MEWP operation in Great Harwood, focusing on safety, efficiency, and compliance with industry standards.

With multiple training centres across the UK, we ensure convenient access for participants.

MEWP Training offers a diverse range of courses to cater to various skill levels, from beginner to advanced operators.

Participants have the opportunity to learn about risk assessment, equipment maintenance, and emergency procedures, ensuring they are well-prepared for any situation.

The safety protocols embedded in our programmes emphasise the importance of following industry best practices, creating a secure learning environment for all attendees.

Competitive Pricing

MEWP Training provides competitive pricing without compromising on the quality of our programmes. We believe in offering value for money to our clients, ensuring that they receive top-tier training at affordable rates.

Our pricing structure at MEWP Training is designed to make quality training accessible to a wide range of individuals and companies.

By keeping our fees competitive, we aim to attract more aspiring professionals who seek cost-effective solutions without sacrificing the excellence of our courses.

Our commitment to providing exceptional training experiences goes hand in hand with our pricing strategy.

We take pride in the fact that our rates not only compete favorably in the market but also reflect the high standards we maintain across all our training programmes.

Our MEWP Training Courses in Great Harwood

At MEWP Training, we offer a variety of courses tailored to different levels of expertise in MEWP operation.

From basic operator training to advanced programmes for managers and supervisors, our courses cover all aspects of safe and efficient MEWP usage.

Our foundational courses focus on operational safety and the fundamental skills needed to operate MEWPs effectively. These courses are ideal for new operators or those looking to refresh their knowledge.

For more experienced professionals, our advanced courses delve into specialised techniques and emergency procedures, enhancing their abilities to handle complex situations.

Our training programmes are designed to comply with IPAF standards, ensuring that participants receive top-quality instruction from certified instructors who prioritise safety and industry compliance.

Basic MEWP Operator Training Great Harwood

Our Basic Operator Training course is designed for individuals new to MEWP operation, focusing on fundamental skills, safety practices, and equipment familiarisation.

Participants will gain essential knowledge to operate MEWPs safely and efficiently.

Throughout the course, participants will learn how to conduct pre-operation inspections, understand the different types of MEWPs, and effectively navigate work environments while adhering to safety regulations.

The curriculum covers topics such as risk assessment, emergency procedures, and best practices for preventing accidents.

Emphasis is placed on hands-on practice to develop practical skills in operating MEWPs in various scenarios.

By the end of the training, aspiring operators are equipped with the necessary tools to ensure a secure and productive work environment.

Advanced MEWP Operator Training Great Harwood

Our Advanced Operator Training programme is ideal for experienced operators looking to enhance their skills and knowledge in MEWP operation.

This course encompasses advanced techniques, risk management, and supervisory responsibilities.

Advanced topics covered in this course include in-depth understanding of complex MEWP operations, advanced troubleshooting techniques, and practical application of safety protocols.

Participants are guided through scenarios that simulate challenging real-world situations, allowing them to develop critical thinking skills and enhance their problem-solving abilities.

The focus on risk management ensures that operators and supervisors are equipped with the necessary knowledge to identify, assess, and mitigate potential hazards, thus promoting a safe working environment.

Manager and Supervisor MEWP Training Great Harwood

Our Manager and Supervisor Training courses are tailored for individuals overseeing MEWP operations, focusing on leadership skills, safety protocols, and compliance with IPAF regulations. Participants will learn to manage MEWP teams effectively and ensure workplace safety.

These specialised programmes delve deep into the intricacies of effective leadership within the MEWP industry, equipping participants with the necessary tools to inspire and guide their teams towards success.

Safety is paramount in the operation of MEWPs, and our courses place a strong emphasis on implementing and maintaining stringent safety protocols to prevent accidents and promote a secure working environment.

In addition, understanding and adhering to IPAF regulations is crucial for managers and supervisors to ensure legal compliance in their operations.

By completing our training, participants not only elevate their own skills but also contribute to a safer and more compliant workplace overall.

MEWP Training Costs

Understanding the costs associated with MEWP training is essential for businesses and individuals seeking quality training services.

At MEWP Training, we believe that pricing transparency is key to building trust with our clients. By providing clear breakdowns of our pricing models, we aim to make it easier for organisations to budget for their training needs.

Our competitive rates are designed to offer value without compromising on the quality of the training provided.

We understand the importance of making MEWP training affordable for a wide range of customers in Great Harwood, which is why we continuously strive to optimise our pricing strategies.

Benefits of MEWP Training

MEWP Training offers a wide array of benefits for participants, including enhanced safety awareness, improved operational skills, and compliance with industry standards. Both operators and supervisors can benefit from our tailored training programmes.

For operators, undergoing MEWP training not only ensures their safety but also hones their proficiency in operating various Mobile Elevated Work Platforms.

This results in smoother operations on-site and minimises the risk of accidents. Besides, these programmes equip operators with the knowledge to assess and mitigate hazards effectively, fostering a culture of safety within the team.

On the other hand, supervisors gain valuable insights into overseeing MEWP operations efficiently, enhancing their leadership skills and decision-making abilities.

MEWP Training’s courses provide supervisors with the tools necessary to conduct thorough risk assessments, monitor compliance, and intervene in case of any safety breaches proactively.

This not only safeguards the workforce but also promotes a productive and compliant work environment.

What Is MEWP Training?

MEWP training refers to the specialised courses provided to individuals aiming to operate Mobile Elevating Work Platforms (MEWPs) safely and efficiently.

These training programmes cover theoretical knowledge, practical skills, and certification in line with industry standards.

MEWP training plays a crucial role in ensuring that operators have the necessary skills and knowledge to handle MEWPs in a variety of work environments.

Theoretical components typically include understanding safety protocols, equipment operation techniques, and emergency procedures.

On the practical side, trainees get hands-on experience in manoeuvring the MEWP, practising safe platform positioning, and troubleshooting common operational issues.

Upon successful completion of the training, individuals receive certification from recognised bodies like IPAF and can demonstrate their competence to potential employers.

Many training centres offer a range of courses tailored to different experience levels and specific MEWP types, catering to the diverse needs of operators.

MEWP Training Safety Standards

Safety is paramount in MEWP training, and at MEWP Training, we adhere to the highest industry standards set by the industry.

Our focus on safety protocols, risk mitigation, and emergency procedures ensures that operators and supervisors are well-equipped to handle MEWP operations safely.

With a deep commitment to safety woven into the fabric of our training programmes, every aspect of our curriculum is designed to instil a culture of vigilance and responsibility.

Our instructors meticulously cover the proper operation of MEWPs, emphasising the importance of harnessing techniques, platform stability, and situational awareness.

Our emphasis on standards goes beyond just compliance โ€“ we strive for excellence. Each training session is not just about passing a test but about truly understanding the intricacies of safe MEWP usage.

From pre-operation checks to on-the-job hazard identification, we leave no stone unturned in preparing our trainees.

By incorporating the latest best practices, we ensure that the most up-to-date regulatory guidelines are followed.

This not only enhances the safety of our operations but also instils a sense of confidence in our participants as they enter the workforce.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is MEWP Training and why is it important?

MEWP Training stands for Mobile Elevating Work Platform Training, which is essential for anyone who operates or works near MEWPs.

This training covers the safe operation and use of MEWPs, as well as the relevant health and safety regulations. It is important to ensure the safety of both the operator and those around them.

Do you provide on-site MEWP training?

Yes, we understand that it may not be possible for everyone to come to our training centre. That’s why we offer on-site MEWP training services for your convenience.

Our trainers will come to your location and conduct the training at a time that works best for you. This allows for a more personalised and tailored training experience.

Is your MEWP training accredited?

Yes, our MEWP training courses are accredited by recognised organisations, such as IPAF (International Powered Access Federation).

This means that our training meets all industry standards and regulations, and our certificates are internationally recognised.

How often do I need to renew my MEWP training?

According to health and safety regulations, MEWP training should be renewed every 3-5 years, depending on the type of MEWP and the industry in which it is used.

At MEWP Training, we offer refresher courses to ensure that your skills and knowledge are up-to-date and in compliance with regulations.


In summary, MEWP Training offers comprehensive courses in Great Harwood BB6 7 tailored to operators and supervisors seeking to enhance their MEWP operation skills.

With a focus on safety, expertise, and practical knowledge, our training programmes are designed to meet industry standards and ensure workplace safety.

These courses cover a wide range of topics, including equipment operation, maintenance, risk assessment, and emergency procedures.

Participants gain hands-on experience and theoretical knowledge, preparing them to operate MEWPs efficiently and safely.

Moreover, MEWP Training goes beyond just technical skills, emphasising the importance of workplace safety culture and regulatory compliance.

Our experienced instructors provide support and guidance throughout the training, ensuring that each participant understands and implements safety best practices in their daily work.

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Attending the MEWP Training course was a pivotal moment in my career in the construction industry. The instructors were not only highly knowledgeable but also genuinely committed to ensuring every participant understood the safety protocols and operational techniques of various MEWPs.

Derek Reeves



The MEWP Training program exceeded all my expectations. From the comprehensive curriculum that covered everything from basic operations to complex manoeuvring and emergency procedures, to the exceptional trainers who brought a wealth of experience to the classroom, every aspect of the training was top-notch.

Craig Hanson